BAQUACIL<sup>®</sup> CDX<sup>®</sup> System

The BAQUACIL® CDX® System is a chlorine-free system specially formulated to maintain a consistent oxidizer residual in pool water. The oxidizer residual in pool water plays a significant role in removing contaminants that put a strain on the pool and keeping the pool clear all season long. Better still, this system is ideal for all pools.

How to Use for Start Up

Add as step number 3 following Step 1 Baquacil Sanitizer and Algistat and Step 2 Baquacil Oxidizer. At Start up: Add 1 pint of Baquacil CDX per 10,000 gallons of pool water directly into the skimmer. Always add immediately following Baquacil Oxidizer. DO NOT MIX PRODUCTS TOGETHER.

How to Use for Maintenance Dose

Add 1 pint Baquacil CDX weekly to the skimmer immediately following Baquacil Oxidizer  as a maintenance dose

Compatible With



Soft water, no skin or eye irritation, doesn’t bleach, doesn’t affect pH

Useful Tips

  • Sanitize with: BAQUACIL® Swimming Pool Sanitizer and Algistat
  • Oxidize with: BAQUACIL® Oxidizer
  • Maintain oxidizer residual and water clarity with BAQUACIL® CDX® product For areas where algae problems are prevalent or in pools with a history of recurring algae, a preventative dose of BAQUACIL® Algicide or BAQUACIL® Performance Algicide may be added to the weekly BAQUACIL® CDX® System routine during the hottest months of the summer.
  • Be sure to follow label directions for dosage recommendations.